CTEC Renewal and Continuing Education Requirements

Things CTEC registered preparers should know about their registration.

CTEC made a policy change starting January 15,2013 preparers who do not renew their registration by January 15th of each year will have to retake the 60 hour qualifying education course. This new policy shortens the grace period for late renewals from 12 months to 10 weeks.

Preparers should know that their registration expires on October 31st of each year until renewed.  A preparer whose registration is expired is not permitted to prepare Tax Returns until their renewal application is processed by CTEC.

The following is a list of CTEC renewal requirements and important dates.

Renewal Requirements:

  • Renew by October 31st pay $33.00 renewal fee.
  • Renew after October 31st and pay and additional $55.00 late fee.
  • Renew after January 15th retake 60 hour qualifying education course.
  • Have a current $5000.00 tax preparer bond

Continuing Education requirements:
20 hours total

  • 10 hours Federal Tax Law
  • 3 hours Ethics
  • 2 hours tax law updates
  • 5 hours California State tax law