Tax Issues for Divorced or Separated Individuals

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This course explains tax rules that apply if your clients are divorced or separated from their spouse. It covers general filing information and can help you choose their filing status. It also can help you decide which exemptions they are entitled to claim, including exemptions for dependents.

It also discusses payments and transfers of property that often occur as a result of divorce and how you must treat them on the tax return. Examples include alimony, child support, other court-ordered payments, property settlements, and transfers of individual retirement arrangements. In addition, this course also explains deductions allowed for some of the costs of obtaining a divorce and how to handle tax withholding and estimated tax payments.

The last part explains special rules that may apply to persons who live in community property states.

We have also included a recent court case covering alimony where the taxpayer lost.

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Learning Level: Basic/Overview
Category: Federal
CTEC Course Number: 6203-CE-0001
IRS Course Number: XYCW6-T-00036-19-S
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