Tax Implications of Divorce and Separation

Dive into the intricate tax challenges faced by individuals undergoing divorce or separation in this comprehensive course. Designed to provide a thorough understanding of tax regulations, this course delves into Tax Law for 2018, incorporating critical updates from The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. Throughout the course, you will explore a wide range of complex tax issues that have a direct impact on divorced or separated individuals. Including:

  • Navigating Conflict of Interest: Understand potential conflicts of interest when advising clients undergoing separation or divorce.
  • Filing Status and Dependent Treatment: Master the selection of appropriate filing statuses for divorced or separated individuals. Gain insights into the tax treatment of dependents, especially pertinent in custody arrangements.
  • Alimony, Property Transfers, and Taxation: Analyze the tax implications of alimony payments and property transfers associated with divorce.
  • Real-World Scenarios: Apply knowledge to real-life scenarios, including alimony, child support, court-ordered payments, property settlements, and retirement account transfers.
  • Deductions, Withholding, and Estimated Taxes: Learn about allowable deductions related to divorce expenses. Discover strategies for handling tax withholding and estimated tax payments during and after divorce.
  • Injured Spouse and Innocent Spouse Relief: Examine the concepts of injured spouse and innocent spouse relief for specific divorce situations.
  • Community Property States: Explore unique tax rules that affect individuals residing in community property states.
Course Foundation: This course is built upon the Internal Revenue Code, serving as the primary reference throughout the curriculum.

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Learning Level: Basic/Overview
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